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KING PAWN is a fully licensed Pawnbroker and secondhand dealer in the State of South Australia.


Established in Adelaide, South Australia in 1998, KING PAWN is centrally located at 304a King William Street, just 100 metres from Victoria Square, the very heart of this beautiful city.


Specialising in providing cash loans to the general public, KING PAWN has developed a loyal customer base which values our fast, discrete and reliable service and convenient location.


KING PAWN also specialises in buying and selling better quality items.


Our aim at KING PAWN has always been to provide a traditional and personalized style of money-lending , buying and selling, rather than the more commercialized, franchise style of store which is becoming so common nowadays.


And of course, being located so centrally makes KING PAWN easily accessible to greater Adelaide  via car, bicycle or public transport.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday 9:30 to 4:30



0414 919 595


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