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Whether you need a quick cash loan, or want to buy sell or trade quality goods of value, KING PAWN is ideally situated in the heart of Adelaide to service your needs in a discrete and professional manner.

These are just some examples of the items that KING PAWN specializes in.......


0414 919 595




KING PAWN is now buying and lending money against selected motor vehicles.

If you've got a collectable old classic car or motorcycle, or a modern commuter, call us on 0414 919 595 and arrange a time to come in to our city store or call to discuss an alternative arrangement.

Just remember that KING PAWN can only deal with the registered owner of the vehicle. The vehicle must be unencumbered and free of any registered interests.

KING PAWN retains possession of the vehicle for the term of the loan, and storage fees apply.



KING PAWN can NOW pay top cash for South Australian Historic Numberplates.

Or we can use your Historic Plates to secure a cash loan, and you can redeem the Plates when you repay the loan.

Please note, KING PAWN can only deal in Historic Plates with Class Specific Rights and an Agreement Schedule issued by DPTI(SA), and only the person with the rights to transfer ownership as per that Agreement Schedule.

Please call KING PAWN on 0414 919 595 for details.





At KING PAWN you can buy, sell or pawn late model electrical goods such as big screen lcd televisions and plasma televisions, quality hi-fi audio equipment and dvd players.

We also deal in late model Apple products such as iPhone, iPads, iMacs and MacPowerbooks.

Please call KING PAWN for more details on 0414 919 595.

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